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The 6 Best Arm Workout for Your Next Arm

by Fit Wth Guru
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If you are a gym lover, you want bigger arms, and if you are looking for an arm workout, you have come to the right place. The arm muscle has many parts to target, such as the biceps, triceps, or forearms.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is just the size and strength of your arm; we put together all the information to target your process in achieving your goal size. Doing biceps curls does not grow your arms, so you must complete an arm workout. 

Lift more over time by increasing weight, sets, or reps to gain size. This will surely increase when you do a complete arm workout, as it will increase your length of arm, strength, and stamina.

When training arms, how many sets and reps should you do?

Nowadays, everyone is worried about this and looking confused about how many sets and reps should increase arms. Before the arm workout, it’s the right time to discuss sets and reps. As a rule of thumb, the most significant focus is on overall size and strength. If you focus on this, your arms will grow, but it will take some time.

The high reps, medium reps, and low reps approach has been confirmed as a way to get stronger or faster arms. Focus on the 3 to 6-set range to build and grow arm size, endurance, or reps range. You should do 10 to 12 reps.

The Best Six Exercises for Arms

Here is a detailed guide to arm workouts that make your arm size bigger and stronger. If you follow this complete exercise, then you should get amazing results in your arms.

1. Biceps Curl

The biceps curl is a highly recommended weight-training exercise that works for the upper muscles of the arm. It is the best exercise to see quick results in the strength of the peninsula. Select the dumbbells that weigh; you can easily do 10 to 12 reps. Follow the instructions to do this exercise.

  1. Hold dumbbells in each hand and relax your arm at the side of your body, palm facing forward.
  2. Keep your upper arms stable and straight, bend at the elbow, and lift the dumbbells as they approach your shoulders.
  3. Breathe out while you are lifting weights.

2. Hammer Curl

Hold a dumbbell in both hands with your palms facing your sides and your arms extended straight down. Keeping your upper arms against your sides, curl both dumbbells simultaneously and set momentum on using them during the hammer curl.

This workout mainly targets the upper arm’s brachialis and brachioradialis muscles.  Further, with hammer curls, you can make your muscles stronger and bigger over time by slowly adding more weight, doing more reps, or adding more sets. This gradual increase in intensity helps muscles grow and strengthen, making your arms look better and perform better.

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3. Wide Curl

If your arm size is minimal and you want to increase it, then this wide curl is for a short-head arm, which grows the head of a component. Doing the wide-grip loop is as easy as doing a close ring. 

Stretch your arms straight and pick up a barbell with an underhand grip. Tense your muscles and fold your arms; when done correctly, even without weights, you feel the contraction in your hand. Wide Curls are good for your arms because they work different parts of your biceps. Adding Wide Curls to your workouts can strengthen your arms and improve their appearance.

4. Behind-the-Back Cable Curl

Attach a handle to the lower pulley of a cable press machine, grasp the hold in your right hand, and step forward until the tension on the cable or your arm is drawn slightly behind your body. Stun your feet so your left leg is in front.

5. EZ-Bar Preacher Curl

Sit on a preacher bench and adjust the height with your arms so that your armpits touch the top of the bar. It is the best variety of constituents to build strength.

After adjusting on the bench, grasp the EZ-curl bar at shoulder width with extended arms. They are holding back their arms against the court. It takes almost three seconds to lower the bar.

6. Reverse Curl

It is a very effective game for arm workouts, and it is straightforward to do, like a wide grip, but there you should reverse grip. You grasp the bar overhand at the point where the width is comfortable. Hold your upper arms on your sides and curl the bar.

Reverse curls are beneficial for arm workouts because they target forearm muscles, enhancing grip strength and wrist stability. They add variety to arm training, promote balanced muscle development, and improve functional fitness for daily activities involving lifting and gripping.

Understanding the Anatomy of Arm Muscles

Arm muscles consist of biceps brachii (biceps), brachialis, brachioradialis, triceps brachii (triceps), and anconeus. The biceps bend the elbow and turn the forearm upward, while the triceps straighten the elbow.

How Long Should You Rest Between Sets?

If you want to increase your size or stamina, you should rest between your various games at the gym. Resting between every set is necessary to take you a long way and build strong and more powerful muscles.

  • There is a perfect answer to your confusion: if you want to build strength or power, you should rest for 2 to 5 minutes between sets.
  • If you want to increase your muscle growth, rest for 30 to 90 seconds between every set.
  • Last, if you aim to increase muscle endurance, the best rest period for you is just 30 seconds or less between sets.

Arm Day Mistakes I Wish I’d Fixed Earlier

There were some things that I would have fixed earlier in the arm workout, and these mistakes cost you by not overgrowing your arms. 

Training regularly biceps that some people are disappointed for not getting results in their arm and they quit it. Some of the mistakes you should check out that will affect your muscle growth are as follows:

1. Too Much Swinging

You have seen bicep curl swingers at your gym. These are those who slap on heavy weights and then swing their arms. That’s proof of not training your biceps like this. So drop your ego and lift an easy, comfortable weight. Just correct your posture and technique, and you will get results.

2. Using Only One Grip Width

A widespread mistake is that some people use only one grip width in an arm workout every time. So changing the grip width not only adds some variety to the exercises but also targets the muscles in different ways, which helps to grow the arm better and stronger.

3. Training Too Frequently

Overtraining your biceps or arms is another big mistake that should be avoided. These muscles are susceptible, so you have to train them differently and not do them over. If an arm workout is needed, then do it. Also, if you are doing arm training regularly or three times a week, then it will be overkill. So don’t train too much and take some rest.

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People Also Ask

How fast will I see results from this arm workout?

If you implement this arm workout into your routine, you will hopefully get results in 5 to 6 weeks, where you will notice changes in your arms. So, this is challenging, and it takes time to improve your strength or muscle endurance.

What is a good workout routine for arms?

This is a good workout routine for your arms if you do 3 to 6 sets with 10 to 12 repetitions. You have to rest for almost 30 to 45 seconds between every set. It will increase your muscle endurance or strength as well.

Can I work out for arms every day?

No. If you want to grow your arms, think about training sparingly. You do arm workouts 2–3 times a week. If you do an arm workout every day, you will not see any results in the growth of arm size. 

Why are my biceps not growing?

When biceps are not growing, you should check out your gym routine to see where you are making mistakes. The first and most common mistake is overtraining. Biceps get a lot of attention in the gym, and everyone notices it, so some people overwork them to get gains fast.

How can I improve my arm shape?

You can build up to performing 2 or 3 sets of every exercise as you build your strength. Also, following these arm workout routines will turn your arm into something bigger or stronger. Improving arm shape and size is not easy, so focus on your good diet, rest, and proper workout.


This is the best guidance about arm workouts; whether you are a beginner or advanced doesn’t matter. Just try these workouts. Hopefully, you will get excellent results in your arms. Therefore, the arm muscle is big, so it needs a lot of attention and will grow. You followed these guidelines and got results after some time. Exercise is good for your health and keeps you fit, so enjoy this arm workout.

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