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Top 6 Effective Triceps Exercises for Building Strong Arm

by Fit Wth Guru
triceps exercises

A strong arm is significant for every upper body, and your triceps are the heavy lifters that support the arm muscle. Triceps exercises are essential for your arms, increase the size of your overall arm, and make you look amazing.

The triceps have three different heads, including the lateral head, the long head, and the medial head. All of these heads contracted during the triceps exercises, and these exercises hit the fibres of the tricep muscle.

The 6 Best Triceps Exercises

You should add these triceps exercises to your workout routines, which will give you great results. There are many triceps workouts, but here we will discuss the best six exercises that will surely increase the size of the triceps muscles. 

  1. Skullcrusher
  2. Underhand Kickback
  3. Close Grip Push-Up
  4. Lying Triceps Extension
  5. Rope Pushdowns
  6. Cable Overhead Extension with Rope

1. Skullcrusher

You can practice this version of triceps training by pressing the triceps muscle with your forehead using lower dumbbells, cable pulleys, or kettlebells. 

triceps exercises

How to perform this Exercise

  • Begin by lying back down on a bench with the hands supporting a weight at the top of the bar. The back and hips must land on the bench press.
  • Drag your elbows slightly so they are behind you as you bend the elbow joint, decreasing the bar handle or load towards your head.
  • The rod should almost make contact with the forehead. Feel the stretch on the triceps and partially on the lats. Push that rod back, and it is your first rep, so repeat it.

2. Underhand Kickback

The most popular triceps exercises might be dumbbell kickbacks. Using an underhand grip when moving reduces swinging and maximizes momentum, which helps to isolate the triceps better. Using a dual cable station, you may accomplish the same by holding a cable in each hand. Throughout the entire set, the lines maintain the same pressure

How to perform this Exercise

  • Stand, carrying a dumbbell in each hand. Get at your hips to lower your body until it’s almost parallel to the ground. 
  • Rotate your palms to face out, elbows slightly bent. 
  • Hold your upper arms against your sides as you raise your elbows until your arms parallel your body. 
  • Switch the motion to return to the first point.

triceps exercises

3. Close Grip Push-Up

The close-grip push-up is a great exercise to strengthen your core and gain upper-body muscle. This famous yoga pose tests your ability to use your triceps to support your entire body. It’s good for your whole body and beneficial for the tricep muscle.

How to perform this Exercise

  • Lie in a standard plank position, shoulders beyond your wrists, core and glutes engaged.
  • Drop your elbows to shoulder height, tacking them against your sides. Your chest, shoulders, upper arms, and elbows must be attached. 
  • Then, you should push back your first rep and continue this position.

4. Lying Triceps Extension

Given that this exercise is sometimes called the “skull crusher,” you should know that beginners should not perform it. Although several techniques exist to serve elbow extension, the motion is always the same. Include this exercise in your repertoire once you’ve mastered previous tricep workouts. Try this tricep exercise and a dumbbell chest press as a superset if you have your upper domain.

How to perform this Exercise

triceps exercises

  • Holding the inner grip, press an EZ rod over your chest in the overhand grip position.
  • Raise your arms straight up.
  • Maintaining your elbows tucked in and your arms perpendicular to the ground, gradually lower the bar until it’s just above your forehead by about an inch.
  • Gradually bring your arms back to the first position without closing your elbows.

5. Rope Pushdowns

Targeting the triceps long head is the purpose of the triceps pushdown. It is best to have constant resistance during the exercise when you use a band. For three-dimensional growth, switch to an underhand grip, which puts more stress on the often-overlooked medial head.

How to perform this Exercise

  • Connect a rope to a cross cable and grasp each side of the handle, palms facing each other. 
  • Holding your elbows tight against your sides, raise your arms down. 
  • Consider it contracting your triceps and creating a mind-muscle connection for maximum engagement. 

triceps exercises

6. Cable Overhead Extension with Rope

A cable workout that works the triceps muscles while seated is the cable overhead triceps extension. All three overhead actions explicitly target the long head of the triceps. However, all three leaders are working. It is a good triceps workout, for it gives most of the impact to the arm muscles.

How to perform this Exercise

  • Tie a rope to the bottom pulley of a cross-cable machine.
  • Hold onto the rope with both hands and extend your arms with your hands directly over your head, with your palms facing each other. Keep your elbows close to your head and your arms perpendicular to the ceiling, with your knuckles pointed toward the top.
  • Keep your upper arms motionless and slowly lower the rope behind your head. As you do so, take a breath and stop it.
  • Go back to the first position by bending your triceps. 

triceps exercises

Tricep Workout Pointers

You may develop functional movement, gain muscle, and increase strength by combining a comprehensive triceps workout. But it would help to master the fundamentals before moving on to the most incredible triceps exercises and exercises for guys. Let’s skip over a couple of pieces of advice:

  1. Warm Up: It is the first and most basic of your triceps exercises, as you must start your workout routine with your warmup. Your body needs to boost you and pump your muscles.
  2. Refrain from overtraining: You must start with light weights and don’t overtrain your triceps muscles. It impacts your body and stops your muscle growth, so you should train your force with light weights and different movements.
  3. Focus on Multiple Muscle Groups: To grow your muscles, you should focus on the multiple muscle groups you train. It means you should prepare all your muscles and change the movements.

People Also Ask

How often should I train my triceps?

Your fitness objectives will determine how often you train. Two to three times a week is a reasonable starting point for newcomers. Trainers with advanced skills can enhance the frequency. It is suitable for your overall body if you follow this routine to train your triceps, and if you overtrain, it will stop your muscle growth.

Should I use weights for triceps exercises?

Using weights allows triceps exercises to be more rigorous and yield superior outcomes. As you gain strength, start with lighter weights and progressively increase. Lightweights increase your strength and triceps fatigue quickly, so they are beneficial. Consequences are suitable for the triceps exercises for improving your muscle growth.

How long do triceps exercises take to show results?

People may experience different times to see the effects. After a few weeks of consistent training, you may notice gains, but significant changes may only happen for a few months. It takes 6 to 8 weeks for noticeable results. So, you have to be consistent with these routines.

What’s the best warmup routine before triceps workouts?

The key to preventing injuries is to warm up correctly. Start with low-impact cardiovascular exercises like walking quickly or jumping jacks, then move on to dynamic stretches for your arms and shoulders. As you start your triceps exercises, rotate your arm muscles in forward circles and turn them in backward circles.

Can triceps exercises help with posture improvement?

Although triceps workouts primarily work the arms, they can also improve posture by strengthening the upper body and giving the shoulders and spine more support. The tricep extension is one of the best exercises for improving posture.


Dedication, consistency, and a well-planned exercise program are necessary to develop robust and remarkable triceps and, consequently, well-defined arms. These triceps exercises can help you achieve your fitness goals and enhance your strength and look when performed correctly and consistently.

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