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The 5 Best Hamstring Stretches for Tight Muscles

by Fit Wth Guru
hamstring stretches

If you have very tight hamstrings, you will feel stiffness, aching, and burning in the back of your thigh. You must try these hamstring stretches and exercises that help you improve overall hamstring flexibility and prevent tight hamstring issues.

Different exercises can reduce the tightness of the hamstrings and lower the risk of injury. Hamstring stretches may include sitting on a chair, lying against a wall, and many more moves. It would help if you stretched them, which can improve your flexibility and athletic performance.

In this article, we will discuss five of the best hamstring stretches and their benefits. Also looks at the best time to do these stretches and many more tips you will know about hamstring stretching.

Top 5 Hamstring Stretches Workout

  1. Lying hamstring stretch 
  2. Sitting hamstring stretch using a chair
  3. Foam roll, hamstring stretch
  4. Hurdler hamstring stretch
  5. Towel hamstring stretch

1. Lying Hamstring Stretch

Lying hamstring stretch: you can do this exercise on the floor and perform it anywhere. It is a straightforward hamstring stretch that gives your legs strength and relaxation. Follow the instructions for doing this exercise.

hamstring stretches

How to perform this:

  • Stretch your legs wide and lie flat on the floor or on a mat.
  • Stretch the right leg by slowly straightening it till it seems like it is stretching, holding the back of the knee with both hands, and pulling it up toward the chest.
  • For ten to thirty seconds, hold the stretch. Three to five sets of twelve repetitions, minimum

2. Sitting Hamstring Stretching Using A Chair

This stretching exercise you can perform using one chair is also very beneficial for hamstring stretches. Follow the instructions for performing this exercise and for more guidance:

How to perform this:

  • Place your back straight against the chair’s edge. The feet should remain flat on the floor.
  • Straighten the right leg, placing the feet toward the ceiling and the heel on the floor to extend it.
  • To provide support, bend forward at the hips and rest your hands on your left leg.
  • Ascertain that the spine is in a neutral posture.
  • For 10 to 30 seconds, hold the stretch. Do this twice or four times.

hamstring stretches

3. Foam Roll, Hamstring Stretch

You can use any roller or one foam roller for this exercise, and then you can perform better. It is one of the best hamstring stretches because it fully strengthens the hamstrings. Follow the instructions for performing this exercise:

How to perform this:

  • Extend your legs straight while sitting on the floor.
  • Fold one leg, keeping the foot level on the ground, and place the foam roll under the hamstring.
  • Keeping your hands flat on the floor, raise your buttocks off the mat while maintaining balance.
  • Make lengthy, sweeping motions with the body back and forth, stopping short of the back of the knee.
  • Ensure the roller touches the right, left, and middle hamstring muscles by slightly twisting your thigh.

4. Hurdler Hamstring Stretch

The hurdler hamstring stretch exercise is straightforward, and you can efficiently perform it sitting on the floor. Follow the instructions for doing this typical exercise:

How to perform this:

  • With a single leg extended, take a seat on the floor.
  • Place the second foot’s sole against the other leg’s inside thigh and bend it at the knee.
  • Bend as much at the waist as you can to stretch forward over the straight leg and extend your arms.
  • Keep your posture for ten seconds. After unwinding, repeat with the opposite leg.

hamstring stretches

5. Towel Hamstring Stretch

The towel hamstring stretches, and you can do this with a towel or any other clothes that you can tighten and make the angle like towel hamstring stretching. Follow the instructions for more instructions for doing this exercise:

  • Lay down on your back on the floor. Hold the ends of a lengthy bath towel with both hands while encircling your toes.
  • Pull the towel slowly to raise your straight leg. Make sure your knees remain straight. The leg not in a towel must maintain its level position with the floor.
  • Raise your leg until you feel your thigh stretched. Your calf could also feel stretched.
  • After holding for 15 to 30 seconds, release the tension. Do this three to five times for both legs.

hamstring stretches

Benefits of Hamstring Stretches

The hamstring muscle group, found near the thigh’s rear, is in charge of bending and flexing the knee. Walking and running require the assistance of the gluteal (butt) muscles to extend the leg since the hamstrings cross the hip joint in the rear of the thigh.

Stretching your hamstrings can help lower back pain, improve flexibility, improve posture, and even avoid injuries. But sometimes people have differing views on how effective it is. 

Tips for stretching

Following physical activity, stretching relieves tense muscles and reduces lower back pain. It could hasten muscle recovery and lessen post-workout pain. After the warm-up, people should stretch. Stretching can cause strain or even tears in the muscle fibers if the muscles are not adequately warmed up.

Before working out, people should always warm up. Those who walk or jog during a warmup raise their heart rates. One way to improve blood flow throughout the body is to elevate the heart rate, which provides oxygen to the muscles. It lowers an individual’s chance of injury while also improving workout performance.

People Also Ask

Why Are Hamstring Stretches Important?

The benefits of hamstring stretches include:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Reduced risk of injury.
  • Support for a full range of motion in the legs.

Regularly stretching your hamstrings may improve athletic performance, decrease muscle stiffness, and promote blood flow.

What Is the Best Time to Stretch Hamstrings?

The best times are to stretch your hamstrings in the morning and right before an exercise session. Warm muscles are generally more amenable to stretching. Stretching the first thing in the morning or right before an exercise session guarantees the best results. You can also do hamstring stretches before and after the workouts.

Can I stretch my hamstrings if I have an injury?

Depending on the type and extent of the wound, more severe injuries may need to be treated with professional advice and rest, while mild strains may benefit from controlled, moderate stretches. If in doubt, always get advice from a healthcare professional. But save some time; when you are relieved from injuries, do these stretches.

What Are Some Signs of Tight Hamstrings?

Common symptoms of tight hamstrings include decreased range of motion, stiffness, soreness, lower back pain, and discomfort when walking or running. You can reduce these symptoms by stretching regularly. Hamstring stretches are perfect for athletic performance.

How Often Should I Stretch My Hamstrings?

The number of times you stretch your hamstrings will depend on your comfort. Try stretching them three to five times a week to keep them flexible. However, stretching can be helpful if you’re more active or participate in sports. Pay attention to your body’s needs and reduce the frequency if it seems too stressed.


Knowing the benefits of hamstring stretches goes beyond just increasing flexibility; they also help with posture, lower the chance of injury during physical activity, and maintain general muscular health. A more fantastic range of motion in the legs, improved blood flow, and muscular recovery are all facilitated by emphasizing these exercises.

Although hamstring stretches have several advantages, warming up before engaging in physical activity is essential. It is always advisable to seek professional counsel for severe injuries or ongoing suffering.

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