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8 Best Biceps Exercises at Home for Massive Biceps Size

by Fit Wth Guru
biceps exercises at home

You are incorrect if you think you can only train your biceps at the gym. You can do biceps exercises at home and build muscular biceps. When your target is to make stronger arms, you must strictly train your biceps. You can perform these exercises at home and get excellent results.

Your biceps are the front muscles of your upper arms. It’s responsible for bending your arms and rotating your forearms. It also helps you with the general direction and stabilization of your shoulders and arms.

Making solid biceps helps you lift heavier weights easily in your daily routine. You can achieve that type of biceps without spending time in the gym, so you can do biceps exercises at home. Here, we discuss the top 8 biceps exercises.

Top 8 Biceps Exercises at Home

This article will discuss the eight best biceps exercises you can perform at home efficiently. These exercises will boost your strength in the arms and build your bicep muscles. The top activities that you must follow include:

  1. Diamond push-ups
  2. Reverse-hand push-ups
  3. Chin-up
  4. Shoulder tap, biceps curl
  5. Biceps curl
  6. Hammer curl
  7. Reverse curl
  8. Resistance band external rotation

1. Diamond pushups

Are you looking for a challenging bodyweight exercise to target your biceps? You only need to consider diamond push-ups. By highlighting your biceps, this take on the classic pushup can help you build strength and definition in this vital muscle area. It’s easy to work out like these biceps exercises at home. 

biceps exercises at home

This biceps exercise can pressure your biceps. Follow the instructions for performing this:

How to do this exercise

  • Using your thumbs and index fingers to make a diamond shape, begin in the high plank position with your hands close together.
  • Use your glutes and core to keep your plank posture steady during the exercise.
  • You can lower your body by bending your elbows while keeping them close to your sides. Try to get your hands as close to your chest as you can.
  • Take a brief break in the bottom position and notice how your chest and biceps muscles will contract.
  • Reach out with your elbows and push through your palms to return to the beginning position.

2. Reverse hand pushups

Reverse hand pushups are excellent biceps exercises at home; you must add this to the biceps exercises at home. Prepare yourself for even more bicep work with reverse hand pushups than diamond pushups. The instructions for doing this exercise are as follows:

biceps exercises at home

How to do this exercise

  • Take an essential pushup position to begin.
  • Slowly turning your arms outward, your fingers should point toward your body.
  • Maintain a straight arm position, move your hands a few inches nearer your feet to find a comfortable place, and tense up your core.
  • Lower yourself toward the ground gradually. Don’t force yourself to go lower than what feels comfortable because you may need flexibility in your wrists and forearms. 
  • After maintaining your posture for two seconds, raise yourself.

3. Chin-up

The chin-up works your biceps, upper back, and shoulders, providing an intense workout. A chin-up bar or any other horizontal bar supporting your body weight is required. It’s good for your whole body and gives intention to the biceps. You have to go to any bar at home and do it. Follow the instructions for doing this:

How to do this exercise

  • With your hands about shoulder-width apart, take an underhand grip on a horizontal bar while standing behind it. Your palms should be facing you. Let yourself hang with your feet crossed over the bar.
  • Raise your chin above the bar by bending your elbows and squeezing your shoulder blades.
  • After a brief pause, lower yourself. It’s one rep. Perform as many times as you can.

biceps exercises at home

4. Shoulder tap, biceps curl

You’ll feel the burn quickly after doing this easy, no-equipment activity. In this, you don’t need anything; you have to stretch your arm muscles and do simple steps that will burn your bicep muscles. It is one of the best biceps exercises at home. Follow the instructions for doing it:

How to do this exercise

  • Place your arms at your sides and your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Raise both arms over your shoulders, flex your elbows, and place your fingertips on your shoulders.
  • Gently stretch your arms to the sides until they parallel the ground.
  • Next, bring your elbows back to your shoulders. It’s one rep. Complete 20 reps in 3 sets.

5. Biceps curl

It would be best to have a pair of dumbbells for this exercise, and they will perform at a good angle. If you have a couple of dumbbells at home, you can do many activities with these dumbbells. Unlike most arm exercises that target numerous muscular groups, biceps curls specifically target the biceps. 

Follow the instructions for doing this exercise, which are as follows:

How to do this exercise

  • Take a straight stance with a dumbbell in each hand and your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • To raise the dumbbells toward your shoulders, turn your arms to face forward and bend your elbows. Lift both dumbbells slowly. Steer clear of swaying your body and arms, which detracts from your biceps.
  • Lowering dumbbells is a good idea until you are in the starting position. It is a single rep. Finish 3-5 sets of 8–12 repetitions.

biceps exercises at home

6. Hammer curl

Also, we’ll carry out this exercise with a pair of dumbbells suitable for your biceps size and increase the arm’s length. The hammer curl targets your brachialis, an adjacent muscle crucial for strong arms and biceps, by altering your grip position on the dumbbell. Follow the instructions for doing this:

How to do this exercise

  • Keep your posture tall and your core active while you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Let your arms hang at your sides while you hold a dumbbell in each hand with a neutral grip.
  • Exhale as you gradually curl the weights upward, tensing your forearms and biceps while keeping your elbows close to your body.
  • At the peak of the exercise, pause a little bit to ensure your forearms and biceps have the correct contracture.
  • Relatively slowly, while keeping your muscles taut, drop the weights back to the beginning position. You must do 3 to 5 sets.

7. Reverse curl

The ideal workout for your biceps exercises at home uses dumbbells as well. As the name suggests, reverse curls are the opposite of standard biceps. You may effectively target your biceps with this minor adjustment. If you’ve never done this workout, begin with a lower weight and concentrate on honing your form.

Follow the best instructions for the correct form that you can easily do at home:

How to do this exercise

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart and stand upright. With your hands at your sides, take an overhand grip on a dumbbell with both hands, palms facing behind you.
  • Slowly raise both dumbbells toward your shoulders, using your elbows to bend and your biceps to contract. Do not swing your arms or torso; maintain an engaged core throughout the exercise.
  • Returning to the beginning posture, straighten your arms to lower the dumbbells. It is a single rep. Finish 8–12 repetitions, then swap sides. Do two or three sets.

biceps exercises at home

8. Resistance band external rotation

If you have a resistance band, add this activity to your biceps exercises at home. It gives you excellent results. You can do this exercise anywhere if you have a resistance band.

A great complement to any biceps exercises at home training program, the resistance band external rotation exercise has a unique advantage over conventional methods. Follow the instructions for doing this:

How to do this exercise

  • With your back straight and the tips of your feet touching the ground, kneel on the floor.
  • Hold a resistance band underhandedly with both hands, bending the elbows at your sides and your palms facing up.
  • Pull the resistance band steadily outward in both directions while maintaining your elbows bent and at your sides.
  • After that, gradually loosen the band to return to its initial position. It is a single rep. Finish 1-3 sets of fifteen repetitions.

People Also Ask

Do push-ups help develop the biceps?

By performing pushups, you may develop your upper body muscles, such as your shoulders, biceps, triceps, upper and middle back, and the area on the side of your chest behind your upper arm. While the various forms of pushups target distinct muscle groups, the primary goal of these biceps exercises at home is to strengthen the muscles, as mentioned above.

What is the best time to do biceps exercises at home?

The best time to work on your biceps exercises at home depends on your schedule and personal preferences. While some find it more comfortable to work out in the evenings, others prefer to work out in the morning to start their day. Select a time that will allow you to maintain consistency in your habits and correspond with your energy levels.

Can I build biceps without weights?

Developing biceps using bodyweight exercises without the need for weights is undoubtedly feasible. Biceps exercises at home, such as chin-ups, pushups, and dips, work the muscles efficiently. To target different areas of the biceps, add modifications or switch up the hand placements to alter the intensity. Resistance training combined with bodyweight movements guarantees a comprehensive approach to muscle building.

Should I modify my diet for biceps growth?

Yes, food is a significant factor in developing larger biceps. As protein is the foundation of muscles, ensure you get enough of it. Consume protein-rich foods from plants, dairy, eggs, and lean meats. Sufficient amounts of good fats promote general health, while carbohydrates give you energy for exercise. Keep your body hydrated; water is necessary for several processes, including the healing of muscles.

How often should I do my biceps exercises at home each week?

Aim for two to three workouts per week, and give yourself at least 48 hours between sets to maximize the growth of your biceps. Depending on each person’s capacity for recovery and total training load, the frequency may change. Pay attention to your body, and if you feel too tired or painful after working out, think about cutting back on how often or how hard you work out.


It’s unnecessary to join a gym to develop and strengthen your biceps; you may do it right at home. It would be best to consistently get huge biceps with these workouts of biceps exercises at home. Aim for two to three workouts a week, with enough time in between for recovery. Pay attention to your body to guarantee healthy growth, and alter the intensity and frequency as necessary.

Having solid biceps helps you carry larger weights and do daily tasks more efficiently. It also builds total upper-body strength. Thus, pay attention to the effectiveness of biceps exercises at home. Add these workouts to your routine, stick with it, and see the difference in your biceps.

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