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10 Amazing Chest Exercises At Home TO TRY

by Fit Wth Guru
chest exercises at home

You will target your pectoralis major, minor, and delta muscles when working your chest. Chest exercises at home are the best choice, and instead of going to the gym, you get fantastic chest muscles. When you are starting your chest muscle workouts, it’s essential to warm up properly.

Most of us need access to establishments or equipment that permit full utilization of chest muscles. This article will provide excellent chest exercises that can be performed from the comfort of your home with little or no equipment.

So, try these chest exercises at home, along with the recommended sets and reps. You can quickly build a bigger chest from your space, and that is not easy, but you can build. You did not even need to step foot in the gym.

Top 8 Chest Exercises At Home

The top eight exercises you can perform at home to increase your chest size are listed below. Regular exercise can help you swiftly expand your wardrobe and benefit your health. Having a pair of dumbbells to complete chest workouts at home. Take a look at the best chest exercises at home, which are as follows:

  1. Standard pushups
  2. Incline pushups
  3. Hand-release pushups
  4. Push up with elevated arm
  5. Dumbbell floor press
  6. Standing cactus arm
  7. Close-grip chest press
  8. Hip bridge with chest fly

1. Standard pushups

The pushup is a quick, easy, and very effective bodyweight exercise that can help you get more robust. You can perform this workout anywhere and boost your chest muscles. Also, it is one of the top chest exercises at home that can be performed without equipment.

How to do it:

  • Start by lying flat on the floor with your stomach and chest. Your hands should be at breast height, your arms bent at a 45-degree angle, and your legs extended straight behind you.
  • Breathe as you raise your body, chest, and thighs off the ground by pushing with your hands and heels.
  • Take a little break and assume the plank posture. Maintain core engagement. Return to your starting posture carefully.

chest exercises at home

2. Incline pushups

The muscles in your upper chest are worked with inclined pushups. Try incline pushups if you’d like to test your upper-body strength. It is sufficient to have a firm surface to rest your hands on. Also, you can perform these chest exercises at home to get results.

How to do it:

  • Put your hands on the raised surface’s edge. Good choices would be a bench, step, or other robust platforms.
  • Reposition your feet so that your arms and legs are parallel.
  • Breathe in as you ease your chest down to the edge of your platform. Take a brief break.
  • As you stretch your arms and push back to your starting posture, release your breath.

3. Hand-release pushups

The most widely available kind of pushup is the hand-release variety. Use this type of pushup variation if you’re starting. It is also one of the best chest exercises at home to efficiently perform and get results from this variety. 

How to do it:

  • With your head and heels in position, begin in a high plank pose with your hands under your shoulders.
  • Lower your body straight by contracting your abs and bending your arms. The elbows ought to be angled 45 degrees out from the torso.
  • Lift your hands off the floor once the entire body is lying there. Press back to begin immediately after placing your hands back on the floor. It is one rep.

chest exercises at home

4. Push up with an elevated arm

This variation of pushups strengthens your chest and expands your range of motion. For this variation, any block will do. Hold the block in one hand and complete the exercise. It is also one of the excellent chest exercises you can do at home.

How to do it:

  • Take a high plank stance with your right hand on a yoga block or book.
  • To keep your elbows straight with your body, slowly bend and lower them while maintaining an engaged core.
  • Push once the left arm reaches a 90-degree angle to return to the beginning position.

chest exercises at home

5. Dumbbell floor press

Dumbbells allow you to expand your chest through a variety of activities. It would help if you bought a pair of dumbbells to work out wherever you are without going to the gym because they are the best for your chest muscles. It is one of the best chest exercises to do at home. This exercise challenges your chest as well as your upper back.

How to do it:

  • Lying on your back, place your feet flat on the ground and your knees approximately one foot away from the seat. With the backs of your upper arms flat on the floor, grasp a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Press the dumbbells high while extending your arms straight out from this position.
  • Then, lower the weights until the triceps touch the floor, and bend at the elbows with control. That amounts to one rep.

chest exercises at home

6. A standing cactus arm

The best version is the standing cactus arm, which works the upper muscles. It is a must-have exercise that you can do anywhere you have dumbbells if you are like that kind of thing. It’s also included in the best chest exercises at home lists. 

How to do it:

  • Holding a pair of dumbbells, begin standing with your feet beneath your hips.
  • Elbows should be bent to a 90-degree angle and brought in front of the body in line with the shoulders, with the palms facing the midline.
  • Maintain this posture and height while spreading your arms widely apart.
  • Return your elbows to the front of your face by reversing the motion.

chest exercises at home

7. Close-grip chest press

This chest press variation allows you to concentrate on squeezing your pecs throughout each rep by varying your grip. This exercise works great for toning your chest muscles and may be done with dumbbells. You can include this variety in your routine of chest exercises at home. 

How to do it:

  • Lying on your back with your knees bent, position your feet flat. With the palms of your hands facing each other, hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Press the weights above your chest until your arms are straight while keeping the dumbbells together.
  • Next, carefully lower yourself back to the starting position by reversing the motion.

chest exercises at home

8. Hip bridge with chest fly

This workout targets and strengthens the posterior chain and chest muscles. Strengthening your abs is also facilitated by keeping your core contracted while working your arms. It’s one of the excellent chest exercises you can do at home that gives you outstanding results. 

How to do it:

  • Position your feet flat on the floor and bend your knees while lying on your back. Lean each hand across the chest while holding dumbbells.
  • Lift your hips toward the ceiling while maintaining a solid core.
  • Maintain the glute bridge posture while lowering your arms to your sides, parallel to your shoulders, until your hands are about six inches from the floor.
  • Return to the beginning by slowly reversing the arm motion.

People Also Ask

What is the recommended number of repetitions and sets?

A person’s fitness level determines the appropriate rep and set range. Newbies can begin by performing each exercise in 3-5 sets of 8–12 repetitions. As your strength increases, progressively increase the reps or sets. 

Should I warm up before chest exercises at home?

Yes, warming up is essential to getting your body ready for exercise. Spend five to ten minutes performing vigorous jogging, jumping jacks, or dynamic stretches. This primes muscles, boosts blood flow, and raises body temperature, all lessening the chance of damage during chest exercises.

What’s the importance of breathing during chest exercises?

It is essential to keep your breathing pattern regular. Take a deep breath to enable the muscles to receive oxygen during the eccentric phase. Aggressively exhale to activate your core muscles and enhance stability as you elevate the weight during the concentric phase.

Are resistance bands significant for chest exercises at home?

Yes, resistance bands provide a variety of valuable and efficient exercises for the chest. Modifying the band tension allows you to adjust the resistance levels while performing activities like flyes or chest presses. They promote muscle growth by maintaining consistent pressure throughout the range of action.

What is the best exercise for the chest?

The regular bench press works the middle pecs, and the inclined bench press operates the upper chest muscles. The weighted dip with heavy barbell plates performs the lower chest and is the finest exercise for building chest power. Pushups are the best for your chest muscles when working out at home.


Without specialized gym equipment, chest exercises at home can significantly improve muscle strength and definition. These exercises strengthen the pectoralis major, minor, and deltoids, three different areas of your chest muscles that work together to provide a comprehensive upper-body workout.

With dedication and consistency, these chest exercises at home offer an efficient route to making a more muscular and specified chest without requiring a gym membership or complicated equipment. Adopt these pieces of training, attach them to proper form, and alter the passion vital to tackle your journey towards a more robust chest and overall fitness.

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