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7 Best Tricep Workouts With Dumbbells

by Fit Wth Guru
tricep workouts with dumbbells

When considering triceps training, most gymgoers limit themselves to a few cable pushdowns. Tricep workouts with dumbbells are very effective training techniques that yield massive results. The key to building attractive arms is working out your triceps muscles, which account for two-thirds of your size. That’s why we created this.

The triceps brachi is found on the back of your upper arm and comprises three heads: the long, middle, and lateral heads. These muscles extend your elbow joint to straighten the arm, so they come into play during any movement that needs you to push away from your body.

In this article, I will explain tricep workouts with dumbbells and provide the best exercises to grow your muscles and develop big, well-balanced, and defined muscles. To increase your arms, you must do regular triceps workouts as part of your routine.

Top 7 Tricep Workouts With Dumbbells

There are many tricep workouts, but here we explore the best tricep exercises with dumbbells that give you excellent results. So, look at the best triceps workouts you can easily do with dumbbells, and they will load your triceps properly. Seven tricep workouts with dumbbells are as follows:

  1. JM dumbbell press
  2. Lying dumbbell triceps extensions
  3. Overhead dumbbell extension
  4. Dumbbell kickbacks
  5. Incline skull crusher
  6. Neutral grip dumbbell bench press
  7. Dumbbell deficit pushup

1. JM dumbbell press

Bench press champion JM Blakely created this hybrid press-extension version to target the triceps while resting the shoulders. By using dumbbells instead of a typical barbell, you can further minimize joint stress and concentrate on the activity. It is one of the best tricep workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Assume an overhand or pronated grip similar to a flat dumbbell bench press.
  • Start the exercise by extending your shoulder and flexing your elbow, just like you would with a dumbbell press.
  • After moving the dumbbells a few inches, alter their trajectory and bring them closer to your neck by extending your elbows and shoulders. Maintain a high elbow position.
  • Punch the dumbbells back to the beginning position once they have read your neck. 

tricep workouts with dumbbells

2. Lying dumbbell triceps extensions

Stretches that impact all tricep heads are called skull crushers or lying triceps extensions. It works mainly on the long head because it forces you to contract it isometrically to keep the upper arm from flexing due to the weight. Exposed to a loaded stretch, the flexed shoulder position is ideal for muscular building because it reveals the long head. It’s included in the top tricep workouts with dumbbells list.

How to do it:

  • Place your head at the top of the bench and lie down like a flat dumbbell press with a much lighter weight.
  • Try slightly flexing your shoulder and holding the weights over your chin instead of above your shoulder. 
  • Flexing the elbow will help you lower the weight over your head.
  • Maintain the shoulder in its fixed posture or allow it to flex as the weight increases, resulting in a more excellent stretch. Stretch the elbow back to the beginning. 

3. Overhead dumbbell extension

This variation on the extension uses a completely flexed shoulder to target the long head by stretching it significantly under load. By training each one at a time, you may maximize every set and rep by concentrating on each arm separately. It is also one of the best tricep workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Place yourself on a bench with your elbow pointing at a 45-degree angle diagonally from your body, your shoulder flexed, and your dumbbell held like a hammer.
  • Bending the elbow will help you drop the weight. 
  • After achieving a satisfactory range of motion, return the elbow to its initial position by flexing your triceps. 

tricep workouts with dumbbells

4. Dumbbell kickbacks

Tricep kickbacks are often met with a great deal of criticism, with many dismissing them as worthless. They let you fully contract your triceps, even if they’re not the most effective workout when performed through their entire range of motion. Unlike other dumbbell workouts, the extended and adducted upper arm stimulates the long head differently. It’s included in the list of the top tricep workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Hold your upper body parallel to the ground while working one arm at a time, using your free hand to support yourself. 
  • Maintain a neutral hold with your shoulder extended and your elbow tucked into your side. Place the dumbbell right beneath your elbow to begin.
  • Stretch out your elbow and keep your upper arm extended and adducted while tensing your triceps to the maximum extent possible.
  • Return the dumbbell to below the elbow level.

5. Inclined skull crusher

The incline skull crusher is used on an inclined bench and is comparable to the standard skull crusher (above). You may lengthen the range of motion and make the triceps work harder to stretch the elbows by performing it on an inclined bench. It is also one of the best tricep workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Adjust the bench’s inclination to a range of 30-45 degrees.
  • Lower the weight to your forehead after positioning the dumbbells slightly behind your head.
  • Repeat after raising the dumbbells to their original starting position.

tricep workouts with dumbbells

6. Neutral grip dumbbell bench press

Pressing with a narrow grip is an excellent method for adding bulk. This dumbbell version offers more range of motion inherent in dumbbell workouts, emulating the close grip bench press and primarily targeting the lateral and medial heads of the triceps. It is also one of the best tricep workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Position yourself similarly to a bench press with dumbbells, but with your hands facing each other.
  • Lower the weight to your mid-chest at shoulder width while maintaining your elbows tucked in at your sides.
  • Maintaining the dumbbells parallel to one another, press upward.

7. Dumbbell deficit pushup

In this exercise, you’ll complete a regular pushup while holding dumbbells. You can extend the range of action and put more strain on your triceps (and chest) by performing the pushup with your hands gripping the dumbbell handles. It is also at the top of the tricep workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Position yourself in a plank position with one hand on each dumbbell by grabbing two.
  • When your chest contacts the floor, slowly lower yourself. You would have noticed that you are lowering yourself into a lower pushup, depending on the size of the dumbbells (height).
  • Raise yourself back up and do it again.

tricep workouts with dumbbells

People Also Ask

Are there specific beginner-friendly tricep exercises with dumbbells?

Yes! Great beginner exercises include dumbbell extensions performed above and kickbacks with the tricep. Using smaller weights at first, these exercises make it simple for novices to learn the correct form. Before adding weight, a perfect technique is necessary to promote effective muscle engagement and prevent injuries.

What equipment do I need for tricep workouts with dumbbells?

It’s imperative to have dumbbells of different weights for efficient tricep exercises. You can begin with lighter weights and progressively raise them as your strength increases because they allow for progression. Furthermore, a stability ball or training bench can expand the number of exercises you can do with dumbbells and give your routines more versatility.

Can I incorporate tricep workouts with dumbbells into my home workout routine?

Yes, workouts at home can benefit significantly from the versatility of dumbbell exercises for the triceps. Both sophisticated equipment and a sizable exercise area are optional. These exercises require little preparation and may be easily included in your at-home fitness regimen, providing accessibility and convenience for frequent workouts.

Can you use dumbbells to develop your triceps?

Exercise the triceps muscle against resistance to make it stronger. One efficient way to achieve this is via weights. Dumbbells are an easy and affordable way to get fit. If you know how to use dumbbells to strengthen your triceps, you can quickly increase the strength in your arms.

Are there variations for tricep workouts with dumbbells to target different areas?

Yes, different versions can work other tricep muscles. For example, the inner triceps are highlighted in the narrow grip dumbbell press, and the long head of the triceps emphasizes the overhead tricep extensions. Investigating these variations can offer a comprehensive tricep exercise.


Tricep workouts with dumbbells provide a variety of workouts that will help you build and strengthen your triceps, which are essential for full arm definition. Seven excellent workouts that target different triceps features offer a well-rounded workout program.

In addition to increasing arm strength, you can develop well-defined, balanced muscles by perfecting these dumbbell tricep exercises. It’s important to remember that the most significant outcomes require technique and consistency. Therefore, add these exercises to your program and see the improvement in your triceps.

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