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The 7 Best Chest Workouts With Dumbbells To Pump Up Your Pecs

by Fit Wth Guru
chest workouts with dumbbells

Strong chest muscles make your body look more attractive. A big chest contributes to your total upper body strength and striking areas of your physique. The chest workouts with dumbbells help you build a solid and muscular chest. It also gives you quick results in chest muscles. It means that when you have only access to dumbbells, it’s essential to understand chest areas.

Movements like presses and flies from flat and incline angles will be staples in your chest workouts with dumbbells. Add dumbbell chest exercises to your routine to get muscular and well-defined pecs. It’s nothing against the barbell bench press, as it certainly has its place, but dumbbells are more versatile and reign supreme when sculpting the pecs.

That’s why we have compiled a list of favourite chest workouts with dumbbells that can pump up your pecs and give you quick results. Chest muscles are a more significant body part, so they need proper training to make a muscular and attractive upper body.

7 Best Chest Workouts With Dumbbells

Here, we explore some of the best exercises for your chest muscles that you can do with dumbbells. These are the dumbbell exercises you need to add to your arsenal if you are looking to maximize your chest gains. Look at the seven best chest workouts with dumbbells for your chest muscles.

  1. The dumbbell flat bench press
  2. Dumbbell flat fly
  3. A dumbbell incline bench press
  4. Dumbbell decline bench press
  5. The dumbbell-alternating chest press
  6. Dumbbell low-fly
  7. Dumbbell Pullover

1. Dumbbell flat bench press

The dumbbell flat bench press is a chest workout that primarily targets the middle pec fibres in the chest. Consider exercising in the more challenging rep ranges early in your workouts to grow muscle and strength. Then, follow up with moderate weights to continue building muscle. It is one of the best chest workouts with dumbbells. You can do it with both heavy and light weights.

How to do it:

  • Place yourself in an upright position on a bench.
  • Press the weights straight above your head while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Maintain your back flat on the bench and avoid excessively letting your lower back arch.
  • Slowly lower the weights on your body until the dumbbells touch the sides of your chest, then raise them back up.

chest workouts with dumbbells

2. Dumbbell flat fly

The middle chest muscle fibres are the focus of the dumbbell flat fly, an isolation exercise for the chest. If performing presses begins to get complicated because of your triceps, you can employ this to isolate your pecs even more. It is also included in the top variations of chest workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Position yourself on a bench and hold dumbbells in both hands with your palms facing each other, extending straight above you.
  • Pull your palms apart from the sides of your body, keeping your elbows slightly bent and pointing outward without allowing them to twist in either direction.
  • A strain in the chest should be experienced as you reach the bottom of the fly. Repeat by extending your arm over you.

chest workouts with dumbbells

3. Dumbbell incline bench press

The elevation degree at which the bench is set up allows the dumbbell-incline bench press to specifically target the upper chest muscle fibres. Generally speaking, the upper chest is implicated to a greater extent with increasing inclination. It is also one of the best chest workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Place an adjustable bench at a 30- to 45-degree inclination, then lie down with your lower back flat and your chest up.
  • Lower the dumbbells above your head to the sides of your chest, being careful not to overach your back.
  • Directly press the weights back above your shoulders and face, not in front of you.

chest workouts with dumbbells

4. Dumbbell decline bench press

To target lower chest muscle fibres, try the dumbbell decline bench press. You will need a bench to lower yourself to a prone position while keeping your legs fastened to prevent you from sliding off it in the reverse direction. It is also included in a variety of chest workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Place your feet firmly on a bench and lie down.
  • Lower the weights to your lower chest while holding the dumbbells above your head.
  • At the bottom, pause briefly before pushing the weights straight up.

chest workouts with dumbbells

5. Dumbbell-alternating chest press

You may strengthen your upper body stabilizers and core muscles by doing the dumbbell alternating chest press, which requires more movement coordination. There might be better choices than this if your objective is to optimize muscular growth. But this can be a decent choice if you’re looking for a press that can vary your exercises and has some relevance to real-life movements. It is also one of the best chest workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Place a bench under your back and press two dumbbells above.
  • Ensure the other dumbbell is supported above you with the opposite arm while you lower one to the chest like a bench press.
  • After raising the first dumbbell above your head again, let the second weight descend. Make alternate movements, going back and forth, to complete the reps.

chest workouts with dumbbells

6. Dumbbell low fly

A lower chest isolation exercise is the dumbbell common fly. The range can be changed to suit your preferences, and this exercise is performed while standing. To succeed, lifting the weights gradually and concentrating on using your lower chest rather than your shoulders or biceps is essential. The dumbbell low fly is also one of the best chest workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Hold dumbbells in front of you with your palms pointing forward.
  • Raise your hands in front of you gradually until they are at a lower chest height after you slightly lean back and lift your chest.
  • After pausing at the top, gradually reduce the weights, being careful not to let go of your tension.

chest workouts with dumbbells

7. Dumbbell Pullover

The dumbbell pullover exercise focuses on a muscle group that runs down the sides of the body between the lats and the chest, the serratus. Helping the chest muscles with pressing motions is the function of this muscle group. Here’s where you want to take your time and not overload yourself with weight; concentrate on obtaining a good stretch and contraction. It is also one of the best chest workouts with dumbbells.

How to do it:

  • Place your head toward the top of a flat seat and lie down.
  • Hold a single dumbbell vertically (clinging to the top end of the dumbbell) while forming a diamond shape with your hands and pointing your thumbs downward toward the ground.
  • Feel the stretch in the sides of the chest and lats as you slowly reach back and drop the weight behind your head with a slight bend in your elbows.
  • Make a circular motion to bring the weight back above your head.

chest workouts with dumbbells

People Also Ask

Is it possible to create a chest with only dumbbells?

Fortunately, you can create a great chest workout without expensive equipment or a gym membership. Dumbbells are a great addition to barbells for working out the chest area. Nonetheless, you can quickly do a chest exercise at home using dumbbells.

What are the advantages of chest workouts with dumbbells?

Dumbbell exercises for the chest can help build upper-body strength, improve the definition of the muscles in the chest, and contribute to a more well-rounded body. These workouts can help with posture correction and also build functional strength.

Can Beginners Start with Chest Workouts Using Dumbbells?

Yes, beginners can include dumbbell chest exercises in their regimen, but it’s imperative to begin with lower weights to concentrate on form and avoid injuries. Strengthening muscles gradually is the best way to increase weight.

What Are Some Effective Chest Workouts with Dumbbells?

Exercises like dumbbell flyes, incline/decline dumbbell presses, and chest pullovers are some of the more productive. For total growth, these exercises focus on several chest regions. Also, you must follow these workout routines for the chest, and these are all the best variations.


A flexible and efficient way to build and tone your pectoral muscles is through dumbbell chest exercises. Various exercises stimulate different chest parts, promoting balanced development and enhanced strength. Examples of these workouts are inclined flyes and flat presses.

These chest workouts with dumbbells also provide an accessible and effective solution to reach your fitness goals, whether aiming for strength, muscle definition, or general chest growth. Accept the diversity they offer and relish the path to a more muscular, well-defined chest.

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